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Bus Schedule:
Travel time
00:30 Автовокзал, "Центральный", проспект Науки 1 / Московская площадь 3 06:00 Ж/Д вокзал 5 hr 30 m. 400UAH
06:10 Київ Автовокзал, Московская пл. 14:05 Одеса АВ 7 hr 55 m. 465UAH
06:45 Метро "Дарница", McDonalds, пр-т Броварской 27 12:30 Ж/Д вокзал 5 hr 45 m. 350UAH
07:00 Отель "Мир", Проспект Голосеевский 72 13:00 Провикзальная площадь, Ж/Д вокзал (напротив главного входа) 6 hr 0 m. 60UAH
07:05 Станция метро "Дружбы народов" 12:30 Ж/Д вокзал 5 hr 25 m. 350UAH
07:25 м.Теремки, направление на Одессу 12:30 Ж/Д вокзал 5 hr 5 m. 350UAH
08:00 Паркинг возле ТЦ "Магелан", пр. Академіка Глушкова, 13Б 14:30 Ж/Д вокзал 6 hr 30 m. 450UAH
08:00 Автостанция "Киев", ул.С.Петлюры 32, (Ж/Д Вокзал) 15:00 Автостанция, "Привокзальная", пл. Старосенная, 1б 7 hr 0 m. 400UAH
08:30 Автовокзал, "Центральный", проспект Науки 1 / Московская площадь 3 17:20 Центральный Автовокзал, ул.Колонтаевская 58 8 hr 50 m. 350UAH
10:00 Bus Station (Avtovokzal) "Vydubychi", 10A Naberezhno pechyorskaya road 16:20 Bus Station "Starosinna", 1A-2 Starosinna sq., platform Nr. 4,5 6 hr 20 m. 355UAH
10:15 Київ, пл. Деміївська, 8-21 17:40 Одеса, пл. Старосінна, 1а/2 7 hr 25 m. 420UAH
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Bus tickets Kyiv — Odessa

Modern technologies considerably simplify our life, help to save time and money. offers the opportunity to buy tickets Kyiv — Odessa in a few clicks without leaving the house. You just choose the best offers from the carriers independently, pay for the ticket and print out the bus electronic voucher. There is no need to go to the bus booking offices for the tickets, stand in the long queues in order to buy the desired ticket. Now the purchase procedure of the tickets from Kyiv to Odessa takes a few minutes.

Cheap tickets Kyiv — Odessa

In order to buy the cheapest tickets Kyiv — Odessa, it is better to plan your trip in advance. A week before the departure the choice of bus routes is much bigger, than during the last days. It is necessary to remember, that not always the most favorable offer is the one that has the lowest price. The time of the trip should also be taken into account.
In order to ease the search of the necessary ticket for the user, the system marks the route with the lowest price for the ticket Kyiv — Odessa with the green sign “best price”, and the fastest — with the blue one.

How to buy the bus tickets Kyiv — Odessa

  • find the necessary bus route;
  • provide contact details; if you are travelling in a group — add other passengers;
  • pay for the bus tickets online;
  • print out the bus electronic voucher.

In order to plan the successful journey from Kyiv to Odessa keep to the simple rules: do not postpone the purchase of bus tickets until the very last day. Plan the arrival to the point of the bus departure in such a way as not to be late. Take into account the time and place of bus arrival. The bus electronic voucher contains the useful information about the place, departure time and the carrier.