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  • Speed of bookingGet your bus ticket just in a 3 clicks
  • Convenient bookingAn option to order a bus ticket without leaving your home/office
  • Universal paymentPayment cards, Privat24

Online purchase of bus tickets

Need to buy bus tickets? Tickets.ua will help you in ticket search without any problems. On the site, you'll find a timetable for buses bound both for Europe and Ukraine; you'll also find the ticket price and if there are any available seats, completely disregarding queues to the bus booking office. Buying tickets on Tickets.ua is simple and easy: you pick the desired bus route and enter the date in a calendar. The system will output bus route options according to your query. Next, you choose the cheapest and most convenient option and purchase the ticket on the site. Tickets.ua will save your time and will help you buy tickets at an attractive price.